Night Driving – Safe Driving Tips

Hey stay safe while driving – don’t lose a love one from tired driving!

From spring break travel or when visiting the grandchildren these simple steps will keep you safer.

Do not to drive all night your normal biologic rhythm wants you to be asleep!!! Your internal clock loves to sleep from 12 to 6am. If you are driving during this time take power naps on the road. If you find yourself drowsy pull over and take a 30-minute power nap and Professor Russell Rozensky of Stony Brook University agrees in his recent published study.

Making regular stops and getting out of the car every 90 minutes to stretch and walk around is a great travel plan. This action can increases the alertness levels and is welcomed by your spine too.

Stop for a cup of Joe. Drinking coffee, tea or other caffeinated beverages can help with alertness, a dose from a cup of coffee can last up to six hours; however, the power to make you sleep is strong one.

If you have to drive during the night better with a friend. A front seat passenger interacts with driver to keep him/her alert. That is their job – if not put them in the back seat and switch with someone that can stay awake. The co-piolet passenger has to watch the driver to see if signs and symptoms of drowsy driving like excessive yawning, difficulty focusing, having heavy eyelids, excessive lane movement or slowing speeds. Their job is to not only keep the driver safe but themselves too.

Vision as we age so goes the eyes. If you have trouble seeing at night or in the rain just don’t drive during those times. Pull over and sleep.

Arriving without killing others or yourself is the goal of all drivers.

So just leave in the morning if possible or drive to about midnight and then rent a room. Travel after some sound sleep, a hot shower and a good breakfast is better for all of us.

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